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CES: Intel, Industry Partners Unveil App Store Plans for Popular Netbook Computers

Intel unveils beta program for Intel® AppUpSM center, an application (app) store aimed at the popular category of netbook computers found at www.intelappup.com.
•First applications — that will ultimately span business, education, entertainment, games, health, socializing and other categories — now available for free download and purchase. Many more apps will be added to beta store over time.
•Intel store unique in offering developers a choice of software via Microsoft Windows* and Moblin™-based operating systems; support for multiple runtime environments coming later this year.
•Over time, Intel and industry partner stores could host applications for Intel® Atom™ processor-based handheld devices, smartphones, consumer electronic appliances, TVs and more.
•OEMs Acer*, Asus*, Dell*, and Samsung* collaborating with Intel to bring innovative apps to consumers.

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